about me

My name is Jérémy Paul, graphic designer. I started design with editorial & print. Now I'm an interaction designer currently working in Rennes, France. Most of the time, I design cool apps for iPhone & iPad.

The mobile restrictions make me explore various worlds of creation, such as 3D, typography and hand lettering, motion design and animation, photography, visual communication, and much more.

I am passionate about making the discipline moving forward. I always take time to think about how to optimize time and space in every project. That's why I'm always crafting new design tools.

my work

Poker Timer Deluxe

Tempus Fugit

3D Apartment

Yay! Flat design!

Rennes Bus

Don't miss it!

Cigarette Icons

Smoking road trip


Cigarette & e-Cigarette Counter

MadSquare Challenges

Remixin' the logo

the lab

I've always believed in smart automation. Sometimes, I feel that the designer's workflow could be totally improved.

That's why creating freebies that help the design community to be more efficient and focus on pure creation truly drives me.

So I built what I call the lab. It regroups all of the graphic resources I made to fit this humble purpose. Designer, help yourself!