about me

My name is Jérémy Paul, graphic designer. I started with editorial & print, and now I'm specialized in interaction design. Most of the time, I design cool apps for iOS.

That leads me to open up to different worlds of creation, such as 3D, typography and hand lettering, motion design, visual communication, photography, and more.

You can find me hovering the internet, posting shots on Dribbble or sharing cool stuff on . I also check my e-mails pretty often, in case you wanna say hi!

my work

Poker Timer Deluxe

Tempus Fugit

3D Apartment

Yay! Flat design!

Rennes Bus

Don't miss it!

Cigarette Icons

Smoking road trip


Cigarette & e-Cigarette Counter

MadSquare Challenges

Remixin' the logo


iOS Designer's Best friend

Ma Pharmacie Mobile v2

Just in case!

Les Champs Libres

Culture is in your hands

New York Pop Culture

Entirely home-made book

Grinder Identity

The whole smoking kit

the lab

Working on projects is good. While designing apps for iOS, I'm proud to provide the best experience users expect.

But creating things that help the design community to create and showcase their work more efficiently truly drives me.

That's why I built what I call the lab. It regroups all of the graphic resources I made for this. Designer, help yourself!

Access the lab